The Science Fiction Experience

When: 14/04/2023
Time:7:30 pm

The first of its kind anywhere, The Science Fiction Experience is a live music concert that takes the audience on an astonishing journey through the universe, in fact and fiction. A superb 8-piece band, performing on the deck of an imaginary starship, transports us to the surface of John Carter’s Mars, through the interstellar void, into the dark Gothic realm of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and to the very edge of space and time.

The music, ranging from rock to classical, is supported by spectacular videos, dancing, and a breath-taking, custom-designed light show. Original songs such as Voyager, Ex Nihilo, and When Worlds Collide feature alongside cover versions of everything from King Crimson to Holst.

Be part of this extraordinary adventure, on its opening nights at the Gardyne Theatre, before The Science Fiction Experience moves on to other venues around the UK.

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th April 2023

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